Sun, snacks, and a daring outfit nothing beats a picnic in style! Embracing some serious underboob action in this racy micro .

A ʙικιɴι isn’t most people’s first choice of clothing when going on a picnic.

However, US model Julia Lynn Sandoval sported the tiniest one she could find to hers, as she wore a tiny micro ʙικιɴι to her al fresco lunch.

And instead of showing off her sandwiches, she served up some serious underboob, as her ᴀssets just about stayed in place in the skimpy checked swimwear.

Julia posed in the two-piece in a park in Los Angeles, California – and didn’t seem to care if anyone spotted her.

She served up some serious underboob in this micro-ʙικιɴι (Image: Instagram/@julialynnsandoval)
As well as her buxom chest, Julia also flaunted her washboard stomach in the two-piece as she posed down the camera lens intensely.

The model teamed her flesh-flashing display with glowing makeup, which included a hint of mascara and soft pink lips.

Meanwhile, her golden locks were left down and natural as they cascaded down her back.

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Captioning the Instagram post, the bombshell told fans she was their “girl next door”.

And many seemed to wish that were true, with the post racking up more than 35,000 likes.

She is a fan of the great outdoors (Image: Instagram/@julialynnsandoval)
“Damn you are a Sєxy little thing,” exclaimed one admirer.

While another told her: “You are so stunning!”

“Omg marry me” pleaded a third.

While a fourth branded her a “gorgeous woman”.

The model is no stranger to stripping off in the great outdoors – with her previously going topless for a reading session in the grᴀss back in April this year.

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