Kylie Jenner’s latest promotion has fans talking! Check out her unexpected video for a mobile game that sparked questions about her motive.

KYLIE Jenner has partnered with an unlikely sponsor.

The Hulu star’s latest post left fans concerned that she was having money troubles.

Kylie Jenner has partnered with an unlikely sponsor in a new social media post

On her Instagram Story recently, Kylie, 26, took time to speak highly of an app she recently downloaded called Travel Town.

“I keep getting all of these game ads and I’m not really a gamer but remember this name Travel Town. When they asked me to partner with them I had my doubts but now I’m hooked,” the fashion mogul in the short clip.

Kylie stood in a brightly lit room while wearing a leather jacket and a white T-shirt underneath.

She also had her luscious black hair down and behind her shoulders while her make-up was touched to perfection.

One fan was quick to share the promoted video on a Kardashian-based Reddit forum and wrote: “Billionaire businesswoman promoting mobile games.”

Other critics were quick to comment their thoughts.

One wrote: “It’s crazy how much media training/practice they have and this ad is still SO bad!!”

“The cash flow must be slowing down,” claimed a second.

Another commented: “There’s no way Kylie has as much money as she says if she’s doing povo s**t like this.”

“Flop era continues on a downward trajectory,” a fourth admitted.

“She looks so embarrᴀssed,” revealed a fifth.

“So cringy,” agreed a sixth.

A seventh said: “Nothing about this says billionaire, reality star etc. It feels sad, barely put together & desperate.”


While viewing the promoted video, fans also claimed that she has a “fake” body part.

In another Reddit post based on the same video, fans believe that Kylie has “fake front teeth.”

Someone commented: “Just those two front teeth and no others. Like why does she look like her mouth is just gums constantly?”

“Higher sales for the yachting consumers? Are those two front teeth just slide in and out dentures? Like does she even have teeth? So confusing.”

The fan suggested that the star had her teeth done in a cosmetic procedure.


On Sunday evening, the Kardashian family held their annual Christmas Eve party at Kim Kardashian’s, 43, stunning $60million mansion in Los Angeles, Calfornia.

Throughout the evening, a few eagle-eyed fans spotted Kylie with her boyfriend, Timothée Chalamet, 28, in the background of a video posted on social media.

In Travis Barker’s, 47, son Landon’s Snapchat post, the two lovebirds could be seen talking to one another.

The Wonka actor was in a black suit jacket and white shirt.

One eagle-eyed fan shared the pH๏τo on Reddit and wrote: “I spy with my little eye. Timothee at the Karjenner Christmas party.”

Another added, “Honestly, cute,” and a third posted: “Well well well.”

Timothee and Kylie were confirmed to be dating in April, after being spotted together on multiple occasions earlier in the year.

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