Chloe Ferry is absolutely slaying in these sultry looks! From a lowcut robe to a seductive scarlet bodysuit, she’s owning her confidence and serving major glam vibes.

Chloe Ferry sent temperatures soaring on Wednesday as she put on a very busty display while posing braless in a black robe.

The Geordie Shore star, 28, looked incredible as she pulled her long dark tresses up and captured her best angle for Instagram before getting a spray tan.

She later uploaded a second sizzling picture for her 3.8 million followers as she posed up a storm in an eye-catching lacy red bodysuit.

The reality star perched on the edge of a sofa in the corset style number as she fixed her long loose tresses.

Chloe penned: ‘Back to the dark side’.

It comes after the MTV star underwent a dramatic transformation as she headed to the salon for a makeover earlier this week.

Chloe gave her followers a behind the scenes on her treatment after she attended Beaute Lounge in Newcastle to get her lip filler dissolved.

The reality star, who is no stranger to cosmetic procedures and has become known for her signature pout, has decided to dial down her look with the new change.

Lying back in the salon chair, Chloe revealed: ‘So the day has finally come. I am getting my lips dissolved.’

Pointing at her enlarged top lip she continued: ‘As you can see I’ve got quite a lot of migration there, so we’re going to get all that migration gone.’

The star then shared a clip of her getting the procedure done as she was injected with the hyaluronidase treatment.

Asked how it was, Chloe replied: ‘That was alright, I think I was just overdramatic. It’s actually already gone down quite a lot.’

The salon, which Chloe owns, shared the clip over on their Instagram with the caption: ‘@chloegshore1 is starting her lip dissolving journey!

‘Lip filler dissolving treatment is used to break down unwanted dermal filler. This procedure is a safe and comfortable way to return the lips to their natural size and shape. During treatment, hyaluronidase is injected into the lips.’

Back in 2021 Chloe admitted she’d had the most work done out of the entire Geordie Shore cast, but planned to stop as she hoped to be taken more seriously.

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